About Us

Whisker Park is a feline exclusive salon and boutique located in Winter Park, Florida. Owned and operated by a certified feline master groomer, the salon is any cat owner's one stop shop for all their kitty needs. 

Our goal is to provide every client - cat and their caregivers - with personal, respectful, quality care and attention. We strive for excellence, and operate with integrity.

We are cat experts for cat owners.

Whisker Park is owned and operated by Certified Feline Master Groomer, Elizabeth Sanford.

Orlando’s first Certified Feline Master Groomer. Achieving CFMG through the National Cat Grooming Institute ensures your cat is being groomed in the hands of a cat expert. The NCGI provides extensive training in cat handling and safety, anatomy and health, breed standards and genetics, as well as hands on personalized private instruction. She trained for over two years while completing the course syllabus, undergoing hundreds of hours of cat grooming in that time. Certified Feline Master Groomer since 2021. Cat groomer since 2016. For more information about the NCGI or to search for certified groomers near you, visit the NCGI website.

Cats and dogs are two different species.

Cat grooming is not the same as dog grooming. Although it involves water, cleansers, and drying, cats require much different handling than dogs. Any cat owner that has attempted to bathe their feisty feline knows it can be very different than hosing down the family dog. We recognize cats are much calmer and have a better grooming experience away from barking dogs and clanking kennels. We are trained to recognize the signs of stress that can indicate a serious health emergency which an untrained dog groomer may misjudge as normal dog behaviors. Knowing that each cat is unique and may not have the same grooming needs, gives us the ability to recommend pet specific grooming options to help keep each cat happy and healthy.

Feline exclusivity, a natural progression.

Whisker Park is the natural progression of a decade of grooming experiences. As a groomer starting from home grooming, moving to corporate, then a mobile franchise, then starting and operating a mobile grooming business - it has been quite a journey for owner and founder, Elizabeth. Every step has provided insight about how to meet the real needs of pets and their owners. What was astonishingly clear, was the lack of cat grooming available since many groomers see cats as dangerous. Many of the salons that did groom cats, would have to groom them before any dogs arrive at extremely early times with minimal schedule flexibility. This would force many desperate cat owners to seek veterinary grooming which is not a clinic’s typical specialization.

While operating the mobile grooming company, she established feline exclusive days to separate cat and dogs from occupying the same space in succession. Once those days were completely booked, she started working on adding a feline exclusive salon as Whisker Park. Whisker Park is the next step in providing the cat community with convenient, high quality cat grooming.

Feline exclusive grooming suite