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Does your cat have grooming related issues?

Common Cat Issues

  • Does your cat have sharp nails that scratch you or furniture?
  • Does your cat shed a lot?
  • Does your cat get litter stuck in their paws?
  • Is your cat very oily?
  • Has your cat stopped licking itself?
  • Does your cat have problems with hairballs?
  • Does your cat get tangles, clumps or have a solid coat that can’t be brushed?
  • Does your cat have dry, flaky skin or dandruff?
  • Does your cat smell?
    • These are all common problems that preventative maintenance grooming can eliminate when done on a regular schedule.


      What do I need before grooming?

      1. Your cat must be up to date on their FRVCP and Rabies vaccines. If you must get your cat vaccinated, wait 3 days after their appointment before grooming as they may be sore at the injection site. Kittens that are too young for shots are permitted after a vaccination waiver is signed. Upload the shot record on the booking form or bring in-person to the appointment.

      2. Flea preventative. We do not offer flea baths. Fleas are preventable with a prescription from your veterinarian. If your cat has fleas, use a flea preventative and wait 3 days after application for grooming to ensure all fleas are dead prior to your appointment. You will be automatically charged a flea surcharge if fleas are discovered during your cats grooming.

      3. A credit card is required to reserve your appointment. We only charge the card for no-shows or cancellations less than 24 hours before your appointment. If you cannot provide that while filling out your pets info on the booking site, you will need to come into the salon and pay a deposit in person. 

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