Feline Exclusive Boarding

You can now board your fancy feline at our feline exclusive grooming salon and boutique. We are proud to offer boarding in Pilton Smart Suites. This is unlike any other boarding you've seen.


@whisker.park Solomon approves the Smart Suite! 😻 @piltonsmartpethouse Enjoy your summer travel with peace of mind knowing your cat is being cared for at Whisker Park. See your pet 24/7 vis Pilton app. #cats #pets #catlover #catsalon #cat #solomontheshopcat #catsoftiktok #catvideo ♬ SPECIALZ (Jujutsu Kaisen) - anifi


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Included Smart Suite amenities:

  • Cat cam with 24/7 viewing via app (iPhone only) for you
  • Temperature and humidity sensor with alarm (monitored by us 24/7)
  • Litter pan cleaned twice daily
  • Wet feeding twice daily
  • Water bowls cleaned and filled daily
  • Daily enrichment time

Amenity upgrades - $10 per day each

  • Cat PE - we take extra time with our cat enrichment toys to help them get rid of extra energy and get a little fitness time in.
  • Cat class - Let us teach your cat some tricks to keep them mentally stimulated with some treat training. They might pick up a new trick for you by the time you return.
  • Cat chat - We read your kitty a book and spend extra time petting, talking to and soothing them.
  • Smart Feeder with Camera upgrade - Add a Catit Pixi Vision programmable smart feeder with bonus camera via app (iPhone and Android) to see feeding history, current food levels and the lower level of the Smart Suite. You can even control food dispensing and record video.
  • Smart Water upgrade - Add a Pixi Smart Waterer with UV light filter. You can see the current water level and filter status via app (iPhone and Android) so you always know your cat has fresh clean water.

 Boarding Rates

1 Cat - $75 per night

2 Cats - $125 per night

Summer Boarding Specials 

First time boarding clients get two Amenity Upgrades included in their first stay! 
10% off any grooming services while staying at Whisker Park.