Tools and Products

We are always asked what kind of products and tools we use on our cat clients. 

Whether you are just curious or are looking to make a purchase to groom your kitty at home, we are happy to share our expertise with whoever is interested.
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Home Grooming Essentials

This is a great place to start. It has the basics for combing, clipping nails and cleaning eyes. It also includes the necessities to keep you safer and your cat calmer.

Home Grooming Essentials


Advanced Home Grooming: Bathing and Drying

This list has all the items from the Home Grooming Essentials as well as the items you would need for doing a professional-style bath at home.

Advanced Home Grooming: Bathing and Drying Product List


Advanced Home Grooming: Trimming and Shaving

So you are ready to help your cat with a little extra coat care? Here's some recommendations to get to prepared for doing a little home trimming to keep down the dingleberries and get rid of matted fur.

Advanced Home Grooming: Trimming and Shaving Product List


Groom Like a Pro

If you are looking for the complete list of what the CFMGs (Certified Feline Master Groomers) use at our salon, here it is!

Groom Cats Like a Pro: Full Product List


Cat Salon Clean Up - Products to Keep It Fresh and Clean

In case you didn't know, some household cleansers are not cat safe. Here's what we use in the salon to keep it fresh and clean.

Cat Salon Clean Up: Cat Friendly Cleaning Products