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Catit Vesper Patio Large

Catit Vesper Patio Large

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With its chic metal framework and warm wood laminate finish, the Catit Vesper PATIO is a truly stylish cat tree that is invaluable to your cat’s comfort. Securely suspended within sits a cozy cat hideaway. Your feline will love taking long, relaxing cat naps on the soft memory foam cushion, lounging and snoozing while hidden in plain sight. The furniture’s side panel has an integrated vertical scratching mat made from natural sisal for your cat to comfortably dig their claws into.

Beautiful harmony of materials with high comfort factor for your cat

Optimal use of space in your home

Thanks to its practical form-meets-function build, the Catit Vesper PATIO will fit any space, big or small. This cat furniture doesn’t have any bulk or protrusions to it, and so allows you to use every inch to your advantage.

Put the Large Catit Vesper PATIO into a leftover nook or corner without issue. Your cat will easily find their way in and up through the interior openings.

Removable parts you can clean or replace with ease to keep your PATIO looking great

Like any designer furniture worth investing in, the Catit Vesper PATIO was created to last and keep looking fantastic. We’ve ensured the scratching mat and cushions are removable for easy cleaning or replacing. Gently clean the wood laminate finish with a damp cloth to keep it nice and tidy.


Elegant metal frame structure
Supportive memory foam cushions
Individually replaceable parts – Easy to clean 
Integrated sisal scratching mat 
Large, comfy den hidden behind elegant panels 
Optimal integration of materials for a sleek look

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