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Catit Terra Toy - Mouse On A Stick

Catit Terra Toy - Mouse On A Stick

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  • Includes catnip to increase interest.
  • Eco-friendly cat toy, made from all-natural materials.
  • Engages your cat’s natural instincts.
  • For hours of chasing, pouncing and playing fun.
  • Durable, tightly-wound sea grass cylinder.

The best kind of mouse is the kind that’s always ready to play… even when playing means getting pounced on by a clawing cat! The Catit Raffia Mouse on a Stick Cat Toy is an eco-friendly cat toy made from all-natural materials. With a flick of a pet parent’s wrist the raffia mouse comes to life, and what cat can deny his desire to pounce when that’s happening? Exactly. No cat can.

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