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Whisker Park - Feline Exclusive Boutique



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Pharaoh’s cats have wandered into the Great Pyramids! Rescue the most cats in this fast-paced and light family strategy game with an Egyptian twist!

In this game, the players are Egyptian cat rescuers, and their goal is to save cats in pyramids. A player receives 1 point for every unique cat rescued, plus 1 point per helper on the scoring tiles. When a player has scored 23 or more points, the game continues until the end of the current round. The player with the most points wins the game.


Rescuer meeple x 12 (Three for each player)
Score token x 4 (One for each player)
Cat pyramid tile x 13 (Three of each color, plus Cleocatra)
Royal Inspector token x 3 (brown)
Score track x 1

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