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Dezi and Roo Wiggly Wand

Dezi and Roo Wiggly Wand

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Designed to drive your cat wild, the telescoping Wiggly Wand with attachment toy mimics "live" prey with its realistic movement. It is recommended by veterinarians as an effective way to keep your cat physically and mentally fit. The telescoping wand makes it easy to put away when not in use. A fantastic toy to interact with your kitty and entice her to hunt, chase, pounce, and bat around. 

  • Fun and addictive - enjoy hours playing with your cat in a super fun way with just a flick of your wrist
  • The telescoping wand makes it easy to store away
  • Enticing to cats since they  love to bat, tease, and "toy" with bugs and prey
  • Safe for cats, safe for children - the length of the dangler keeps little fingers far away from sharp claws
  • Engage your pet - interactive toys engage the pet with its owner, this activity builds trust and companionship between you and your cat
  • Excellent value - we pride ourselves on great value

The Buzzer and Bobber are our newest wand attachments inspired by the buzzing insects of summer. They're both made from biodegradable paper and a soft center of faux fur (Buzzer) or thick chenille (Bobber). Both come with a jingly bell. The Cuttlefish is made from biodegradable paper tassels featuring a flash of color. The Squid combines thick chenille with thin paper tassels and a jingly bell. The Looper comes with tissue paper but you can swap the tissue for whatever material your cat loves to chase like ribbon or twine or even blades of grass or leaves! All are unique, fun, and interactive and offer cats a variety of ways to enjoy a game of stimulating play.

You can choose between Buzzer, our newest attachment, or oldies but goodies, Cuttlefish, Looper, or Squid for your Wiggly Wand.





We expect cats to play enthusiastically with our toys and we know they have a natural instinct to bite, shred, tear, and destroy objects they play with. After all, the catch should be just as much fun as the hunt. As with any toy your cat plays with, please supervise the use of this toy. Inspect product often for rips or tears and remove toy if damaged or if parts become separated, as injury may result.  

Colors may vary.

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