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Les Poochs MedAcetic Shampoo

Les Poochs MedAcetic Shampoo

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Healthy coats begin with healthy skin. Pamper and protect your pet with our patented medicated shampoo. pH balanced MedAcetic Shampoo gently cleans and soothes. Its crystal-clear, preservative-free formula aids in calming irritation and treating dandruff. Comprised of 1.25% acetic and 1.25% boric acids, MedAcetic shampoo is an effective anti-bacterial and anti-fungal that aids in the topical treatment of skin conditions.

For repairing and healing:

  • Thoroughly wet your kitty
  • Lather, work the shampoo through the coat, massaging to free dirt and particles
  • Rinse until the coat feels clean
  • Be careful of eyes and ears
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